Natural and Sensitive massages in the best massage cenTRe of Valencia


Massage performed with natural oils with a gentle pressure, long rhythmic movements and kneading adapted to the body of each client. The main intention of this massage is to give the body a state of tranquility and rest although the main objective is to relax the muscles. 


The Irae massage is our stimulus massage. It is a relaxing, sensitive, soft massage, where sensuality will transport you to a new state of relaxation.
It is given in tatami and natural oils are applied with which the whole body is covered.

imperium irae

Ideal for couples looking for a SPECIAL DATE in the middle of the city.

The Irae massage is a relaxing, sensitive and stimulating massage, where the emotional part connects with the physical part and the intensity of the sensations and emotions between the couple reaches unimaginable levels.

masajes en Valencia NICETY

imperium levitate

Massage in couple, performed in private double room, in tatami and applied by two masseuses simultaneously. The massage is performed with natural oils, with long movements and a gentle pressure where the couple is looking for a point of relaxation.

active massage

It is a massage that is performed on a stretcher where our masseur performs rapid movements and with moderate pressure, adapted to each client, thus seeking relief of muscles.


face massage

This massage is focused to relax and de-stress the face, to rest looks and revitalize smiles.

treatment of japanese face lift

Japanese lifting is an aesthetic-therapeutic facial treatment indicated as rejuvenation therapy. It is the natural alternative to the application of botox, as it awakens the muscles and activates collagen.

El lifting japonés es un tratamiento facial estético-terapéutico

foot and leg ritual

It is a massage that activates circulation and improve venous return, improves and prevents the appearance of all those symptoms related to an inadequate posture. This ritual reduces alterations of the circulatory system.

foot and leg massage

It is a massage focused on the well-being of the legs and feet. Ideal for all those people who suffer from poor circulation, fluid retention, tired legs and who spend a lot of time standing. It relieves tiredness and produces a feeling of relaxation.

masaje terapéutico beneficios

reducing massage

It is a massage that aims to eliminate accumulated fatty waste and stimulate lymphatic drainage. It will improve your circulation, helping to reshape your body.

massage hands and arms

Ideal to relieve the tension accumulated in the shoulders and arms. If you practice a lot of sport or loads of arms, this massage is for you. 

hand massage, treatment, finger

facial cleansing ritual

El ritual permite la oxigenación de la piel. Ayuda a eliminar todas las células muertas de la piel y eliminar las impurezas acumuladas en profundidad. Elimina puntos negros de acné y equilibra el pH de la piel y combate los efectos de los contaminantes externos en la piel.



A massage that helps to firm and tone the body, shaping the figure. It also serves to reduce cellulite and solidified fat that our body is not able to eliminate on its own. It also helps relieve physical pain and reduce stress.

According to studies, the results are visible from the second session, incredible from the fifth.

All massages include the shower before and after the session, which is not deducted from the duration of the massage you have chosen.
In addition, all our material and products are disposable, thus guaranteeing more protection to our customer.

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